Helping Hands is a fundraising opportunity where your group sells car washes to family, friends, or even goes door to door. Your group will then receive a percentage of the sales (up to 40% - see amounts below) based on the total amount sold. The more you sell, the more you earn!

How does it work?
The program is easy and beneficial. How much you earn is up to you!
Whichever option your group chooses, all you need to do is sell car washes.
There are Three ways to run the program on your end: 
Door to door - Washes in hand, instant delivery.
Door to door - Presell, delivery after orders are placed.  
Sell at event - Washes in hand.

Step 1:  Your group submits Helping Hands contract form.
Step 2:  You choose an option to run your program.
Step 3:  Sell car washes.
Step 4:  Earn your percentage of total sales.

Payout breakdown: 
$0 - $250 in sales = You earn 20%
$250 - $500 = You earn 30%
Over $500 = You earn 40%

Helping Hands has been setup to assist our community in fundraising projects by giving you something to sell that everyone loves! Helping Hands is designed for: Churches, Schools, Sports Teams, Youth Groups, Organizations and more.  You will be responsible for flyers, advertising and promoting your program. All fundraisers must be approved upon discretion of Management.

For more information, please contact Sara Meeuwsen.
616.795.4979 •



Mission of the Month is a donation box that we place at each of our locations near our registers. Each month the Quality team members choose a charity to donate all of the money we collect for the month. After the month is over we start fresh with a different organization. Stop by any of our locations to donate to the current mission.


Tim Hortons fundraisers are great for everyone who loves coffee or those with a sweet tooth! Tim Hortons fundraising allows organizations/groups to sell $10 gift certificates for Coffee and/or assorted baked goods and organizations receive half of the sales! Its simple, you sell delicious Tim Hortons products and get half of your sales. You sell $10, you get $5. You sell $1000, you get $500.​


Donations - We ask that you submit a donation request letter. Please include all of the following information in your letter: your name, organization, full address, phone, and email. Please also include event name donation is for, event date, donation item requested and any additional comments or requests.

All written requests can be submitted to our Fundraising Department via email to

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