Wash with a Mission

    Wash with a Mission is an on-site fundraising opportunity where you and your group can have bake sales, pump gas for people, or any other fun activities you plan. You are allotted a few hours on a Saturday and during that time half of the car washes sold, go to you! This is a fun event and a great way to give your organization a little recognition.

    Wash with a Mission has been setup to assist the community in fundraising projects by opening our facilities to promote their fundraiser. Wash with a Mission is designed for: Churches, Schools, Sports Teams, Youth Groups, Organizations and more.

  • You will receive 50% of all car wash sales.
  • You will receive tips for pumping gas, washing windshields, vacuuming cars. 
  • Volunteers will hand out brochures about your organization prior to entering wash
  • Volunteers will pump gas (18 or older) and hand out popcorn and coffee
  • Volunteers will greet customers that come into the store
  • Volunteers can sell bake goods or food (outside)
  • Volunteers can vacuum cars (for tips) (over 18)
  • Volunteers can deliver and prepare coffee for customers (under 18)
  • Car Wash Tours may be available
  • Sell additional wash books the day of the event (maximum 5 per customer) Ultimate – 6 washes at $10 each or Quality - 6 washes at $6 each. 50% still goes to you.
    We will need 15 – 20 volunteers per location. Quality will assist with location signage. The Holland Sentinel will be made aware of every event. You will be responsible for flyers, advertising and additional promoting of event. We will assist with logos, details, etc. Fundraiser must be approved upon discretion of Quality Car Wash Management.

Donation Requests

    Donations - We ask that you submit a donation request letter or fill out the form below. Please include all of the following information in your letter: your name, organization, full address, phone, and email. Please also include event name donation is for, event date, donation item requested and any additional comments or requests.
All written requests can be submitted to
our Fundraising Department via email to 
    Please note that we try to give donations to as many request letters as possible, but please understand it is very difficult to fulfill all of them (we tend to get a lot of requests). If we are unable to help you out this year, we apologize. Please contact us again next year and we will do our best to try to help you out. Thank you for doing business with us!

 Mission of the Month
    Mission of the Month is a donation box that we place at each of our locations near our registers. Each month the Quality team members choose a charity to donate all of the money we collect for the month. After the month is over we start fresh with a different organization. Stop by any of our locations to donate to the current mission. 

MISSION OF THE MONTH: Community Action House
Mission of the Month: Community Action House